Concerto LB 3550 X2

Kafe Kokerr Pronto Crema Kafe Kokerr Orzo

Lavazza presents to you Concerto LB 3550 X2. This express allows you to select between two different types of coffee (BLUE capsules + grains). Its design with soft and elegant lines allows it to be integrated in all professional Spaces with a dash of style
Dimensions: Width - 60 cm; Height - 170 cm; Height - 170 cm; Size with door open: 120 cm; Weight - 135kg;


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Kikko MAX

             Kafe Kokerr Pronto Crema Kafe Kokerr

Kikko Max is the free standing vending machine with a 620 cup capacity and up to 7 canisters which complements the Necta Hot & Cold range. With a height of 1830 mm, it has been designed to stand alongside the similarly sized Snakky Max or Sfera machines. The Kikko Max works in a master/salve mode and utilizes a single payment system which provides “One-Stop-Shopping” and creates an appealing machine bank, ensuring the most user friendly and practical vending service available.


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